Review for Why?


(#) GreenDaySavedMyLife 2012-02-14

In order to be a fan of a band, you don't have to like all the albums or all the music. I believe you have to like a majority of it, but not all of it. I personally like the concept of it, but I prefer it had stayed a comic. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the WHOLE album, but I honestly only like Kids From Yesterday and Destroya. So...and they "SELL OUT" shows, even if they might be considered a "sell out" band. All bands that make it big have to go through that label. It's something you push past. Take Green Day for example--they pushed past that label and have now changed the music world and left their footprints on it forever. MCR did the same thing with the Success of The Black Parade.

So, whether people like the album or not and are calling the band "sell outs" because of it is going to happen regardless. It's a title that comes with success, and opinions come with it too. I prefer their more hardcore/punk stuff, but I can appreciate DD for what it is.