Review for Give me a storyline..

Give me a storyline..

(#) missfunghoul57 2012-02-14

Just realized, that last review was pretty shitty. I actually think the story might be cooler if Eva was almost afraid of the new boys, yet she couldn't help but feel a pull towards them. She wasn't in contact with any of them...accept for the strange letters in her locker. As the weeks go by, and the crimes escalate from broken windows, to graffiti, to murder...Eva begins involve herself with the investigation. Her attraction to these mysterious guys, one in particular, seems to make her more vulnerable and more willing to risk everything to solve this mystery...even if it means sneaking around town in the dead of the night (which is frowned upon by the people of Shady Brook).

There....I like that a little better.

Some of the "crimes" obviously start small and grow larger over the course of 3 weeks:
-Extremely loud music, 'odd' style of dress, smoking (I know this isn't a crime, but it isn't ordinary for the townspeople)
- broken windows
- ruined flower beds
- smashed headlights
- beatings/stabbings
- missing mayor
- mayor's body
-anything else "crime like"

all of these events take place at night, and no one can ever seem to catch whoever is doing this...

I'm sorry if this really sucks or if it's confusing in any way....or even if I I'm doing now. You can do whatever you whatever you want with the story, I just ask that if you take the idea and run with keep the main character's name and personality the same :D