Review for Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

Fate's Cruel if Life's Great

(#) MCRnum1fan97 2012-02-15

did gerard take happy pills at the start of today i mean come on its not gonna get that good that fast this shit takes time.

frank make the same mistake as gerard by just leting him go and not tryin to stop him but as bad as this sounds its good for the plot that frank kissed mikey because frank was yet to fuck up and everyone fucks up somethims but saying that it wont make any sence saying this,what the fuck was he thinking now hes gonna be shiting his self for what gees gonna to to him coz its his fault mikes is hurt coz he ran away agian but its also gee fault coz they got so close because of the conforting hug he got after telling frank that gerard used to hit him so technicly its gerards fault XP

Author's response

I like your logic my friend; it is technically Gerard's fault I guess.
Thanks for taking the time to review! :)