Review for Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia

(#) FlyingSmoke 2012-02-15

I feel special. Like, very special. I got a promo. Not as epic as Adnarim Smada's, but still. A promo alone is amazing.
Now to my normal reviewing setting...
YAY THAT KID DIDN'T KILL GERARD I WAS AFRAID HE WAS GOING TO and then the Ferard would have ended D: Oh thank you, ass-ma... Thank you so much. xD Not to be rude or anything, but I love hearing other accents. Or reading them phonetically. I just thank god that that kid had compassion. And that they weren't a homophobe. That would've sucked major ass. (lol, major ass... Thank you, Captain Obvious. You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm.) But they weren't, so it's all good.
I ramble...
Thank you for uploading this again. I'm glad (well, glad that this is posting) that FOTGTD is finished (I miss it. I already miss it. Those extra chapters need to go up soon... I need my mafia, and my italian friend won't say anything about his family...) so this is kinda forward off the back burner. I like this, a lot. So gracias para subir.
(Don't Google Translate that. It just says so thank you for uploading. But on google it might be 'thank you for to upload', if they follow conjugations... They wouldn't, but still.)
Soo, update soon! Please? I don't wanna be demanding or anything, but upload. Please.