Review for Stop-motion


(#) aweirdtree 2012-02-21

oh! you're swedish, holy shit :o i'm finnish :D haha, just felt like i should say that - and now i feel like an idiot cause i can't write you in swedish even though i can speak the language a bit, lol xd um, jag tycker om dina dikter... yeah, maybe i'll just shut the fuck up now. hope you don't mind my random reviews and thanks for the advice (:

Author's response

Oh my! I love your language! It sounds so mystical and curvy (don't ask) I would love to be able to understand and speak it, but so far, I only know three words... Särki, musta pippuri and moi... XD And I can count to three! Yxi, kaxi, kolme :P Ummm, I can practically hear your laughter right now... Anyway, I don't mind your random reviews, I mean, how could I? They're so sweet! :D