Review for Stop-motion


(#) aweirdtree 2012-02-23

haha, hey, three words is a start :D and it's actually four words since musta and pippuri are seperate words, wohoo! btw, it's yksi, kaksi, kolme - and yeah, i laughed, but seriously, you're just so awesome! and my random reviews are sweet? blushes you're sweet yourself! and i love your language, haha, it's like singing when it's spoken correctly (:

Author's response

Hihi XD Oh, misspellings, how I love thee :P However, my friend taught me random words once, but he never said how to spell them and I forgot about half of them... I know some profanities too, but that might not be very appropriate XP And, well, thank you! You seem very awesome yourself too :) And actually, Swedish sounds more like... I don't know, not singing, anyway, in my ears... But Finnish (or Soumi) certainly sounds like something out of a fairy tale, and I always imagine elves to speak Finnish/Soumi, don't know why... :)