Review for Schrödinger's Cat

Schrödinger's Cat

(#) monstrice901 2012-02-25

Awww fuck. This is not going to end well. I feel so sorry for them both though - Frank's there thinking that Gerard cheated on him, and Gerard got raped without even knowing it, and then has to deal with his boyfriend disappearing. And now he's gonna get beat up by Frank's cousins by the looks of things. Poor guy.

To be honest (I'm sure I said this before though) Frank is being such a dick. Come on, he should at least talk to the guy! Ugh - he's annoying just holing up feeling sorry for himself. Still, hopefully it'll work out. Having read some of your previous stuff though, probably not. :/

But I did see that you were gonna do something with Trust Me in an A/N. I get that you want to finish this, and to be honest would prefer it that way anyway, but I really, really loved that story! It was epic, man.

So yeah, updates, one-shots, whatever you're planning on doing, I can't wait! It's all amazing so... I'm not bothered which comes first!