Review for Auditions? Again? Oh HELL no!!

Auditions? Again? Oh HELL no!!

(#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-02-26

Name- Cameron Baker
Gender- Male
Age- 22
Appearance- dark brown hair, with red streaks, styled like alex gaskarth's. Light blue eyes. Quite attractive. Slightly tanned skin. 5"11. Quite slim-built, but has feint muscles. Mainly wears hoodies, vans and skinny jeans.
Tattoos, piercings etc.-tattoos: both arms have full tattoo sleeves, "shit" and "fuck" across knuckles. Other tattoos on neck, chest+back.
Piercings: snake bites, one ear pierced.
Personality- doesn't give a fuck, quite a rebel, inverted. Doesn't really talk to many people. Quite cold and untrusting. Sarcastic.
Backstory- same as Zia's. He is her older brother.
Additional info- smokes, plays guitar. Taught Zia how to play.
Can I kill 'em?- if you kill off Zia, no. If you don't kill off Zia, then yes ;) so one dies and one doesn't :P

Good luck!
Minnie xo