Review for ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

(#) jackalface 2012-03-06

Part: Gee's girlfriend
Name: Laura Fischer
Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17 ish
Personality: open-minded, rebellious, at first she appears quite and avoiding but warms up to someone once she gets to know them, shes sometimes confusing to read
Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed: Light blonde hair (naturally), greeny-blue eyes, about an inch shorter than gee, not incredibly skinny (skinny but still has meat on her), quite pale skin (burns easily so she likes to avoid the sun) button nose, full lips, a small nose piercing and ear piercings
Family (who you live with): mom and dad, a brother who is somewhat a homewrecker, who is 15 and out of control ( a bit of a disfunctioning household )
Likes: art, playing music (guitar and piano), going to gigs, partying, taking risks, reading
Dislikes: boastful people, loud people (those sort of people who want the world to know everything about them), school, authority, control
Talents?: she's quite the pianist
Clothes: oversizeds t-shirts, tights, boots, beanies, plaid shirts, denim jackets and jeans (quite a grungy/punky look)
Anything else: she smokes, but tries to hide it. she seems innocent at first, but she can get nasty to people who insult her or the people she loves (like really nasty, i will come to your house and burn it down nasty, wheoow)