Review for ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

(#) thegirlwhowasonfire 2012-03-06

Part: Put me wherever you want
Name: Sylvia St. Claire
Age: 17 and a half
Personality: Sarcastic, loud, brash, outspoken, very protective of friends and family.
Hair: Turquoise, chin length.
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Build: Average weight, very curvy.
Skin tone: Olive
Family: Her two dads and a younger brother named Jack who is twelve.
Likes: Music, coffee, high heels, fanfiction, rainy days.
Dislikes: Ke$ha, math class, sappy films, bullies.
Talents? She plays the piano.
Clothes: Leather jackets, lots of high heels, often wears a 'schoolgirl outfit'. Loves anything retro or vintage.
Anything else: She's originally from Canada and moved to wherever the is story set when she was in fourth grade.
Change anything you want, and I hope you liked my character!