Review for ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

(#) Frankies_Hands 2012-03-06

Part: Friend one or two.
Name: Lilly
Age: 17
Personality: Shy at school, hates large crowds,
Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed: Blonde hair with loose curls falling past the shoulders, bright blue eyes, roughly 5'1 in height, skinny but slightly toned, pale skin but can easily tan, lip piercing, right nose stud.
Family (who you live with): My mother Kate andmy little sister PJ (11)
Likes: Loves her large collection of art supplies,her comic books, her iPod -can't leave without it- ,taking risks, being around family and friends.
Dislikes: Romance movies, people who talk about themselves in the third person, loud people, those who boast, drama, violence
Talents?: Artsy, Plays piano and bass, writes occasionally.
Clothes: Usually plain tees with funny sayings/band logos/movie logos or tank tops(around the house), mostly dark skinny jeans but sometimes will settle for shorts, plaid converse with red shoestrings.
Anything else: Bit of a prankster, does good in school but could care less about it. Has always wanted a tattoo.Very protective over her sister because her only other sibling died in a fire.