Review for ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

(#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-03-06

Part: I dont really care, where ever you like me. Im thinking either with Bob or Frank's friend....maybe with mikey...idont know it all sounds awesome :D

Name: Isabella Crow (Izzy)

Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17

Personality: loyal, really protective of her friends. Likes doing dangerous shit for fun. REally creative, loves music and art. She draws (not amazingly in her opinion), she sings, and she sorta kinda plays guitar (she knows like, 12 notes e.e)

Appearance. Hair, eyes, height, build, skin tone etc, please be detailed:
about 5"3, black and blue hair thats choppy with side fringe thingy. Really pale, has bright green eyes. A really pretty smile. Average weigh, not super skinny or really fat. small teeth.nose scrunches up (and she resembles a hamster) when she's mad or upset. She's been told its adorable, but kind of hates it.

Family (who you live with): my obnoxious, assholish dad, and my mom who can make awesome fucking brownies and cookies and oh my god that girl can bake.....and my reallllyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying little sister named Karla who everyone hates because shes sooo fucking annoying.

Likes: coffee, skittles, coffee, guitar, art, music, nutella, sleep

Dislikes: sun, cold coffee, homophobes, jerks, assholes, chavs, chav music, her appearance (she thinks shes ugly as hell, but shes not. trust and self confidence issues here)

Talents?: sings, sorta kinda plays guitar, likes to draw. Can make people laugh easily, although she doesnt smile much. She can FIGHT, i mean you dont wanna fuck with her. :)

Clothes: black skinny jeans, band Ts, converse, hoodies and jackets

Anything else: needle phobic (trypanophobia), arachnophobic, aerophobic... when shes hurt she acts like shes not because she doesnt like looking weak. She doesnt really cry, and if shes crying in fron of someone, something is really wrong. Can be really quiet, but you hand her a mic and put her on stage, shes louder than anything. Her stage personna is way more outgoing than herself.