Review for ***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

***AUDITIONS*** >:-{D

(#) StakeMeBitch 2012-03-06

Part: Anything is fine n.n
Name: Scarlette Crimson
Age(bare in mind, you're seniors): 17
Personality: Shy around every other ppl. Outgoing and jokester around friends. Really passionate for everything important in her life. When she falls in love nothing can ever put her in a bad mood or get her enraged. But when she does get angry she can be really sarcastic and mean, or start crying. Whes really sensible.

EYES: Big hazely green with long thick eyelashes
HAIR: Long jet black hair, left fringe the tips dyed red
build, skin tone etc: Slim and quite toned, ivory kinda palish skin, heart shaped face, button nose, rosy cheecks, well defined dark eyebrows, big front tooth that resemble a rabbit lol
Family (who you live with): Lives with older brother.
Likes: Horror movies, concerts, moshpits, guitars, reading, writing poetry.
Dislikes: Stereotypes, loud girls, homophobes, animal cruelty, black veil brides with a burning passion, ignorance, hiphop "music", jocks and bullies.
Talents?: Can play guitar and piano. Comes up with good-ass combacks easiy. Haves a huuuuge imagination so she knows how to make her lies believable.
Clothes: Punk band tees like misfits, ramones, dead kennedys ect. Beaten black or red converse. Black combat boots. Black or grey skinnies. Leather jacket (black) or hoodies.
Anything else: She kinda has a photographic memory. Loves animals but hates insects. LOVES Photography. Daydreams alot.