Review for My Psychotic Romance

My Psychotic Romance

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-03-07

Yes. You were so fucking mistaken, Frankie x3 (geh that face looks fucking weird)
You, Layla and I can take over the world! We seriously emailed each other about the spelling mistake she made in a review for this story.
Okay, my brain is on super-correct today because I'm beta'ing three stories and had to correct the today, so prepare for another one of 'em long winded reviews. I feel like I owe it to you, you brave soul. (Ah, MCR_Chick's account is also run by a dude. Yes, I think I'm going to bother you every time I see another dude. I'm weird, you'll be used to it by the time this fic is half through.)
Anyway. You changed past/present tenses throughout the paragraphs, sometimes writhing sentences. Personally, I find tenses fucking hard to keep. -But again, I'm strange-
Ah... Thought is not spelled tought. Seriously, my spellcheck just fainted. He's very sensitive. What I do when I'm not sure how to spell something is I use the online dictionary. The paper ones are too slow.
Hm... Ah! Your verbs! I noticed it was lead instead of led at some point, and that's just one example.
It was a lot better than some of the stuff on fuckwad, meaning I Dan count on two and a half hands how many mistakes you made grammatically. The flow wasn't all that bad, but it was a bit awkward at some point.
Meh. (such a lovely word.) I think that's it.
Hm... Stalker Gerard, stalker. (I'm totally into murder fics, BTW. So I would Har been content if Geard just up and murdered Frank... Oh dear you just gave me a story idea.)
So! As a conclusion to my... 3?5? Paragraph essay, I'm going to recap.
Everything is decent but could do some work, and I believe the plot to have a sufficient amount of spice. (Sometimes there's too much spice and it just gets awkward. You don't want that, trust me. [hah, I'm not Okay... Sorry. Fangasm moment. Couldn't help myself. You poor lad, having to deal with me.])
Eh... What would Fuckwad do without creepy fucker like us? It would die, yes it would.
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's response

Oh god I find tenses fucking difficult, I really gotta work on that:/ Hehe anyways thank you for taking the time and revising my story n.n your lovely! And yes! Ficwad or Fuckwad XD would die without ppl like u guys! Ur fckn awesome!