Review for Should I Do Reviews?

Should I Do Reviews?

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-03-09

Fuckwad keeps deleting these reviews I write. Well, my Internet keeps crashing but still.
We have the same BVB bracelet! Thrusts wrist into face
Hm..... To keep you busy, could you do my stories

It Would Seem I'm Going to Hell

Lawn Ornament Extermination Corpse

(This ones complete) Vines

Ah... That's all for this account. Can you do my first account? (Ah, back when I was a young ficwadian coughsthreemonthsagocoughs)


We'll Wake the Thought Police

WTF, Dude?

Meh... That's a I got to keep ya busy ;)
I hope your mom gets better.
Oh yeah, I thought it was cute (in a completely non Sexual way) how you replaced the fuck word with "eff" in FtTICToO (I think you can decipher the acronym...)
UNTIL NEXT EPISODE! (Ah, you can expect the next chapter of Smutty Rebel Love Song soon, I jut need to type it up.) ah, random thought; good luck on the ficlet_fairies one shot prompts thingy... Yeah. I'm a stalker. Sorry, sorry.
Ah! In Smitty Rebel Love Song, LynZ overhears Andy and Gerard talking, thus the one shot contest X3
Bye! So long and goodnight~
(am I the only one who doesn't listen to Panic! At the Disco?)