Review for My Psychotic Romance

My Psychotic Romance

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-03-11

... Holy shit Gerard don't kill Frank!
Hm... The sex could use work. It didn't really capture the emotion that came with what was going on, and there were some short and awkward sentences. And did you just review your own story? LOL, I've done that.
Hm... Some minor spelling mistakes, grammatically not the worst I've ever read. I'm not sure what it is, but this fic makes me want to leave long reviews. I think... Yeah. That's not my strong point (thinking)... That they're moving a bit fast, and though it's a tad unrealistic it adds to the overall wonder fullness of this story. I do really like this, and it's long enough (in my mind. But my chapters are usually only 1000 or so words. Meh. Whatever). Hm... So Gerard was raped? Interesting, interesting... Now make me into an Oriinal Character so I can beat the shit out of whoever did it... Unless Gerard raped someone else. That really doesn't happen very often in fics, though, so I'm kind of assuming he was the one that got his ass raped. Hm... I think I say "hm" about every ten words... Fuck it.
So-- basically what I just said is your grammar was acceptable but could have been better, some silly little spelling mistakes that everyone makes, and the sex was strange but I still liked it. Dear lord, you know there is something writ when you summarize your review and even give it a thesis!
I'm going to leave you to dwell in my stalker-Dom now... It's late where I live, so goodnight!