Review for Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

(#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2012-03-12

This is pretty interesting.
I've always loved the werewolves against vampires scenario, where they are pitted against each other so the idea of a werewolf and a vampire together is appealing.
O.o vampire, at an orphanage? Original, definitely never read that before.
I'm not entirely sure I'm clear on what happened to her son though. I might have read it too quickly.

Author's response

Her son was taken away from her because she had him with a man from a different 'colony' and in their culture, the child goes with the father instead of the mother.

I just realised you reviewed this over a month ago. I'm really, really sorry I didn't see this before now. I just got so used to nobody reading my fics anymore, so I quit checking. But I'm glad you read it, because I've been thinking of starting it up again..