Review for Prisoner of Hogwarts

Prisoner of Hogwarts

(#) Loewenherz 2012-03-12

A real gem of fanfiction with the way things are changed and Harry probably will react it does promiss a very entertaining year.

It hurts to see Ginny and Hermione to be changed so much to their worse and Ron's loud mouth getting fully out of control isn't something you'd like to watch every day, but then i guess when Harry will get both the stories about the Troll and the chamber of secrets (I presume this time Dumbledore had to actually do something for his money and reputation?) there will be a lot of hell to pay for poor old Albus... Or rather not, i see the modus operandi of this Harry more in inscening some fights between the toad and the goat and Harry snickering in the background, spending some "quality time" with a woman worth it...

Please continue this story, it's really something else and has so much potential it would be a pity if it would end unfinished!