Review for Triwizard Redux

Triwizard Redux

(#) whatareyouevensaying 2006-10-24

Interesting bit of misinformation for Crouch to mull through. Harry's keeping him on his toes...I wonder how much he thinks Harry's changed.

Harry's hands-on method with the Yule Ball was also quite entertaining. I really like Ron's choice, as it'll give him the perfect opportunity to more or less fall into Luna's lap. Normally I don't like that pairing, but that's only because I can't stand Ron in most situations. Maybe this story will be an exception.

Looking forward to reading more. Did you say that you wouldn't update Re-Ordered until this one was complete?

Author's response

Ron Weasley does NOT date Luna in my fics. Never never never ever. Marietta doesn't betray anyone in this fic, so she's a good match for Ron -- gotta keep the red-heads together and he does need someone to make him do his homework.

I won't be update Re-Ordered much until this fic is done, in part because it's only half-finished.