Review for Should I Do Reviews?

Should I Do Reviews?

(#) xXLaylaxX 2012-03-12

A SEVEN?! Awr thank you =]

And yeah, I know 14 fucking characters is wayyyyy to many. You think you have a hard time keeping up with them? I had to print out everyone's auditions and keep on checking to make sure I don't forget anyone.

I held auditions and I had alot of auditioners and I just couldn't say no to the people that they gave me.


And btw, if you DO do [hehe 'do do' sorry sorry] find any mistakes, I will love you forever if you point them out [nods]

I LOVE YOUR HAT [crawls through the internet and steals it] Sorry, it just had to be done [shrugs and runs around wearing my new hat]

Author's response

GIMME MY HAT BACK!!!!! steals it back And that is the exactnreason I don't do auditions. I like to keep my stories down to a few characters, since I simply cannot do dialogue between more than like three people. Plus, I would just keep screwing up their names, and end up calling Frank Bob or something XD