Review for Auditions


(#) FabulousRevenge 2012-03-24

Name: Abigail Eve
Part: Don't mind
Age: (18+)
Gender: Female
Instrument: Bass
Appearance is split for detail
Hair: Long and very dark red
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Very pale
Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Black skinny jeans, Band T-shirts,/ Black choker necklaces, studded wrist bands/ Black Knee length converse
Tattoos/piercings: Lip piercing and tattoo of a rose on my left wrist.
Anything else involving appearance: Lots of eyeliner
Personality: Quiet, sarcastic, awkward, paranoid.
Backstory: Ran away from home in England at 15 years old and stayed with friends in Ireland until 18.
Anything else: Slight Irish accent, awful singer.

Hopefully this is okay :)