Review for Auditions


(#) dobbysock123 2012-03-24

Name: Ronnie/Sarah (You Choose!)

Part: singer/ rhythm guitarist of Natalia's band (Or whatever fits!)

Age: (18+) 21

Gender: Female

Instrument: Guitar/microphone

Hair:Red/ginger-in bunches or in bob

Eyes: crystal blue

Skin tone: very pale

Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Red skinny jeans, graphic or band t shirt, always wears pink and black striped hoddie, high tops or funky heels and LOTS of wristbands and bracelets

Tattoos/piercings: none, wants a stretcher or nose piercing though

Anything else involving appearance: always wears red lipstick and eyeliner.

Personality: kind of sensitive, doesn't particularly like herself sometimes, normal teenage dirtbag...

Backstory: doesn't fit in with the girls in her year (is the only one who likes good music),has rubbish excuses for anything and EVERYTHING.
Never really talks to anyone outside old group of now backstabbing friends, and confronts conflict stupidly.

Anything else: never really had a proper relationship, so is not a hopeless romantic or anything, never been kissed, not quite sure about her sexual orientation yet, considering moving to american high school.

hope you liked it and hope i get the part!
Suicide Threat Angel xx