Review for Auditions


(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-03-24

Here's the form-
Name: Sam Alexis Mitchells
Part: Either band i guess
Age: (18+) 18.5
Gender: Female
Instrument: bass or guitar
Appearance is split for detail
Hair: this colour and worn the same way
Eyes: Silver, kind of big, NOT doe like
Skin tone: Pale
Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Band t-shirts, bright skinny jeans, and a pair of black ones ripped up the legs, any pair of converse (colour, low riders, high tops, knee highs), key neclace
Tattoos/piercings: the lyrics "Why give up? Why give in?" Inbetween her shoulder blades, her tounge is pierced
Anything else involving appearance
hm, thick eyeliner
Personality: Bubbly, random, can be evil and sedistic (where you like others pain) at times, quiet until she gets to know you
Backstory: Her parents never supported her dream of being a bass player, they always shot it down. She bought her own at the age of 14, when they found it they were pissed, and they got in a fight. That night her parents died, and the last thing she said to them was 'I hate you, I wish you would go burn in hell!" which she regrets every day
Anything else: um no

hope it helps, good luck writing (cant wait to read)