Review for Auditions


(#) Gerardwayiscute 2012-03-24

Name-Jasmine Price
Part- can I be in Natalia's band, and become close with her, like a sister or something? If not then thats okay.
Age (18+)- 21
Gender- female
Instrutment- lead guitar/ back up vocals.
Appearance is split for detail
Hair- goes to the middle of her back, a side fringe that goes to the right. Its dark brown, mixed with light brown in it. Its always worn straight, and its silky.
Eyes- dark brown that look hazel, depending on the light.
Skin tone- pale, but not to pale. Skin tans easily.
Clothes- band shirts (BVB, MCR, Slipknot, Paramore, 30 seconds to mars, Panic! at the Disco, BOTDF, etc.) Random shirts with random cartoon characters or sayings on them. Skinnys that are either ripped, doodled on, or have paint splatters on them. Mini skirts, that are not really short. Tutus. Dresses, but not all the time. Fishnet tights that are torn. Black leggings with sparkles on them. Hoodies, fingerless gloves, and sometimes beanies.
Jewelry- a silver heart shaped necklace, a ring, a lot of bracelets, some wrist bands, and little diamond earrings.
Shoes-black converses, beat up high tops, or black boots.
Tattoos/piercings- has her dead older sister's name tattooed on her right wrist in fancy writing (her sister's name was Crystal) ears are pierced once, and her tounge is pierced.
Anything else involving appearance: has scars on her wrists, a scar up her whole back, and always wears black eyeliner.
Personality-sometimes shy, doesn't like talking about her past, crys easily, hates the word firetruck (grrr...) gets pissed easily, lovable, attractive to guys, always gets in trouble, once you get to know her she's friendly, creative, funny, immature, random, sick minded, wierd in a good way, a good singer, a good guitar player and piano player, a rebel, giggly, a party animal, smart, gives good advice, and depressed.
Back story- grew up in Virginia, her best friend was her older sister Crystal. When her mother died while giving birth to her, and she thinks its her fault. Crystal keeps telling her that it wasn't. When Jasmine was 18 and Crystal was 21 her dad became abusive and did drugs. He was about to kill Jasmine one night but Crystal hit her dads head hard, which made him fall to the ground, and died. They went to the funeral, but they didn't care. Later they sold the house and stayed in a hotel for a little bit. Two weeks later, they checked out the hotel, outting all their stuff in Crystal's car. They were going to a friends party at night. A truck hit their car, which made the car flip. The next day Jasmine woke up in the hospital. The doctor said she was lucky that she barely had any inguries, besides a black eye and broken leg. She said she wanted to see Crystal, bt the doctor wouldn't let her. She spent the night in the hospital. The doctor told her the next day that Crystal passed away. She called her boyfriend, to come pick her up. He came right away and took her to his house. He said he wad going to get her stuff from the Crystal's beat up car, because her stuff wasn't ruined. Two weeks later, after her leg and eye were healed, she became really depressed. She went into the bathroom, got a razor blade, and slit her wrists, losing a lot of blood. Her boyfriend saw her on the bathroom floor, picked her up, and putting bandages on her wrists. She woke up, in his arms and stayed with him. Later they became part of the same band which made them happy. She still doesn't like talking about Crystal.
Anything else- her sister died on May 23rd. Her favorite song is Flightless Bird American Mouth by Iron & Wine. She is obsessed with Hello Kitty, anf loves red and white roses.

Thank you for consideration. Sorry its long, I can get pretty detailed. Good luck with the fic :D