Review for Strike a Violent Pose

Strike a Violent Pose

(#) TakeMyLife 2012-03-25

So since I didn't review the first time you posted this I've decided to rate and review now xD
You are an incredible human being. This chapter has no limits on awesomeness and It's a shame ficwad decided to delete this making you loose all your reviews but with the skills you have you'll easily get them back. I'm actually looking so forward to see the plot. I'm sure you've been told this before - you have amazing author skills that everyone should envy. I've just started reading 'Be my Detonator' and after reading a few chapters of that I can honestly say I will be stalking this story too. every week I'll be waiting for an update because you've already blown me away at how brilliant this first chapter is. your work is so amazing.
Hope that made you feel better:)x

Author's response

Oh my god, thank you so much! You've really cheered me up...THANK YOU! :'D Just...yeah. Thank you so much.

CosmicZOmbie xo