Review for Audition


(#) Apocalyto 2012-03-26

Part: Cook
Name: Alaric (prefers Rick) Nickels
Age: 18
Personality: Kind, sick minded, shy, talkative around friends and family, funny, smart, adventurous, master of the pokerface (after mikey of course since he still smiles, but he can stay incredibly calm), cocky and sarcastic.
Likes: Manga, anime, cooking, karate, tea, music and being around nature and friends.
Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, anyone who hurts his friends, jerks and show-offs.
A few interesting facts: English and Chloe's boyfriend.
Clothes: Anything that matches, in style and is scene/goth.
Eyes: Brown
Makeup: None
Any piercings/tattoos: Snakebites
Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect: Tanned, skinny and 5’8
Anything else: Nope.

The other info is the same as Chloe's. Hope this helped :)