Review for More Auditions

More Auditions

(#) foreveryours 2012-03-26

Part:Mary Elizabeth Please
Name:Luna May
Age: (16-18)
Gender: Female
Appearance is split for detail
Hair:White blonde
Eyes:Bright blue
Skin tone: Pale
Body: (Height, weight, etc.)average height? really skinny, looks fragile.
What you wear: Bands tees - Panic! At The disco, green day, Bazinga top, star wars tops, black skinny jeans and lots of converse!
Tattoos/piercings: none except common ear piercings
Personality: Nice, shy, self conscious get paranoid easily, doesn't speak much unless spoken to. Really weird and fun when you get to know her, dry sense of humour.
Anything else: Used to cut? Doesn't like her self that much or at all but never admits it, always trying to seem happy so people don't worry about her.