Review for Am I The ONLY One?!!!

Am I The ONLY One?!!!

(#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2012-03-27

Oh my God I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
It seems that people either hear it and love it and say anyone who hates it aren't a real fan, or people hear it and hate it and say that my chem sold out.
I pretty much just believe that if Gee wants to collab with someone that he sure as hell should do it, whether I like that artist or not, I don't expect me and Gerard to have the same music taste or for him to not go with artists that the fans might not like just because he'll get accused of selling out.
Personally the song sounds like it could've been okay, except Gerard's voice has like zero passion in it. But that doesn't put me off my chem, I just wont listen to this song. Like I don't really listen to danger days... Like, I loved the whole story of that album and the art and everything, but the songs just aren't my kinda thing. But that's okay, just because a band does one thing you're not into doesn't make you less of a fan or mean you have to hate the band or anything.
Just thought I'd put in my two pennies, for all it's worth :')