Review for The Power

The Power

(#) Shobs 2006-03-01

Seemed to be following Cannon a bit too closely these last few chapters, I'm glad to see something differ (not that it hasn't changed, but I've read many AU PS stories. It gets rather daunting after a while. I'm not exactly pleased with how you ended that, though. How evil of you! Cliffhangers might keep the reader interested but they are a most cruel thing to do! How will the stone being absorbed effect things?

An enjoyable chapter. ^_^

A few little things: "Hermione was also [very worried] about Voldemort. After Harry had told her about the unicorns Hagrid had mentioned, Hermione became [very worried]." The repeated use isn't all that pleasant. Maybe cutting out the "very worried" the first time and leaving it for the second. (yeah, that's the end of my "concerns")

I loved this line: Hermione sighed. "Trust you to save the world out of spite. Fine, I'll go with you."

Amusing. ^_^ I look forward to reading more!

Author\'s Response: I know how cruel cliffhangers can be, and I'm sorry. It just seemed like too good a place to end the chapter to pass up. Thanks for the critique on my [very worried] repeating. Now that I read it, I can see that it doesn't look very good, and I'm going to have to change it. As always, thank you for the review.