Review for More Auditions

More Auditions

(#) dobbysock123 2012-03-31

Part: Sam, please!
don't really know much about the story, but I've heard good things!

Name: Bronnie Simmix (Pronounced sigh mix)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance is split for detail

Hair: hennaed black, with red highlights

Eyes: Blue, but wears emerald contacts

Skin tone: quite pale, but tans easily

Body: (Height, weight, etc.) Skinny, 5'9''

What you wear: shorts, skinny jeans, armwarmers (ALL THE TIME, to hide things...) a D.R.U.G.S. t shirt, and any other cool band t shirt that she likes, Black flame converse.

Tattoos/piercings: Has a small blood red and black butterfly on wrist with love written under it (The butterfly project and To write love on her arms). also has (My own quote) "There may be a point in jumping, but there is NEVER a point in falling..." on other wrist wrapping around.

Personality: Quite shy, will always find her reading a comic.

Backstory: Brother hung himself when he was 19 and she was 15, tried to commit suicide in 5 different ways, has both emotional and physical scars, never had lots of friends and popularity.

Anything else: in a band with her best friends, one of which she loves, and has loved for AGES, its called The Inevitable Deathwish.

hope you like it!