Review for Translations of Blood

Translations of Blood

(#) scarlett_fitch2027 2012-03-31

Yusss first review!! >:D I get way too much joy from the little things.

Anyways, yeah, this is incredible. I love it to bits and it's only the third second chapter. Writing is descriptive but not overdone, Frank's character is totally relateable while Gerard's is intriguing. I can't wait to read his side of the story, I bet it'll rock just as hard.

Keep going! This is already on my favourites :)


Author's response

Thank you so much! :D I really value your opinion 'cause you're a really great writer :L I missed a little bit out with the bit about Gerard on TV, sorry- it's up now if you want to check it out, but it's not particularly relevant, I guess.

Thanks so much for supporting my stories, it means a lot :D

CosmicZombie xo