Review for Am I The ONLY One?!!!

Am I The ONLY One?!!!

(#) Ash_Lee14 2012-04-01

personally, i love it, but im into that dancey-dubstep electric stuff :3 and its not as mainstream as people think most people don't actually like Deadmau5's more dubstep stuff...

but i disagree with people saying that youre not a true fan if you dislike it, thats just bullshit, dont listen to them, people have different tastes - its what makes the world go round!

My chem wont change, if anything they will just bring more synth into their tracks but it wont sound much different to the sound of danger days (personally, i want another revenge era, but that probably wont happen :L)
natural progression is natural progression, in this business its not what you know, but who you know that keeps you on top, you cant blame him for working with a huge dance/electric/dubstep artist!
its like Sonny more (Skrillex) working with Ellie golding, or however you spell her name, they are worlds apart, but they work well together, Personally i think Gerard's voice suits it, he has a very unique voice, you only live once and you gotta make the most of it, maybe he just wanted to make a dance track to see how it went, maybe he doesn't even like it... The version that we can listen too isnt even the finished product! though i dont think the finished version will be much different...

the lyrics are sttill fucked up though? good old messed up gerard lyrics.... i really don't get what he is trying to convey at all..