Review for One Wizard Too Many

One Wizard Too Many

(#) DnG 2012-04-02


Wow, its been a long time, but well worth the wait. I think a little healing time, followed by a little R an r at the tropical paradise is in order. And I think that a complete set of pensive memories are in order, to be sent to the right people to bring charges against certain people. And when is Harry going to finally figure out that Moody isn't Moody? The doubts have been raised, now all Harry has to do is sit and ponder on it, and what better time to do it, then while getting better.
Plus a little one on one time with Hermione is definitely in order, don't you think. And I can picture an irate Sirius, Remus, Mr. and Mrs. Granger taking matters into their own hands. A little warfare of their own, so to speak, once the kids share their story with the adults. You want violence, there it is...kill them all, starting with that long, white bearded, goat bleeper and then every Death Eater.

Sirius and Remus know who they are. Its a game now, survival of the fittest and we all know that the pure blooded, high and mighty, better than you ass clowns wouldn't stand a chance against guerilla warfare. A planned attack would have them all cowering in fear.

And, oh yeah, more one on time with Hermione...she is great, isn't she!!!!