Review for Fer Sure!... Maybe?

Fer Sure!... Maybe?

(#) Shiwoggi 2012-04-02

The whole "coruption of a minor" thing has made me laugh so much. Eyeliner is currently streaming down my face. Ow, that shit hurts when it gets in your eyes... (wanders off to get tissue)

This is as funny as the first one, and Linda being so over protective and Mikey being so chill is such a brilliant touch. ('this isn't over' - that might be the best line. Seriously.

High five for research!

Anyways, long strot short, I loved the first one, love this, you've done brilliantly. :3

Author's response

Should I bow? I think I should bow. Thank you!

P.S. iPods FTW! Step-father has no idea.

- Ben