Review for Face It

Face It

(#) tortillachip 2012-04-03

This was wonderful!!! It was really funny and I really liked Frank's part in this. Gerard really is in denial, though. All the signs are there, and he just doesn't want to accept the fact that Mikey and Pete have a relationship. Frank was hilarious here. Especially when he said the last line. I bet Gerard would've tried to throw an apple at him for saying that. Or an orange. Anyway, I really liked this. And, if I ever see anybody blowing bubbles, I will always think back to this story and a seventeen year old Mikey Way. 

Author's response

Thank you very much!
I usually suck at funny so it's really great to know you found it to be so. Gerard definitely is in denial about his baby brother, I think it's largely because he's still bent on the idea that Mikey's a baby in need of his big brother's protection.
I can certainly see Gerard lobbing an apple at Frank for that last line.
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review! :D