Review for Chance Days: The Original Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Chance Days: The Original Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

(#) Unicorns-are-real 2012-04-06

You know what I am going to say, Rach so let's get it over and done with.

This. Was. AWESOMEEEEE!!! :D

haha :) Yes, I want you to finish this story too because it is epica! Or, as my favourite DJ on Kerrang!Radio says 'Totes amaze-balls' ;) I love Kerrang

I also liked the way Gerard's character was portrayed in this chapter, he was very... badass? Yeah, I'll go with that word :)

So keep up the 'Totes amaze-balls' chapters because I want more badass Gerard and 'confused' Frank :)

- Sara xoxo

PS- I'll e-mail you the second chapter on Sunday- it's an Easter present :)

Author's response

Gerard? Badass? A badass mofo who was filing his nails, like said badass mofo. xD I think I made him look more like a girl than anything. I should have put him in a dress... xD
(Fuck man it's Friday and Frank STILL hasn't posted anything god damn it Frank... The MCRmy wants to KNOW! Watch it be an announcement for a dog giveaway, courtesy of Frank. Just watch.)
I will finish it. Promise. It might be summer by the time I do, but it will be finished.
'Confused' Frank... Poor kid.
(and I shall look for it Sunday.)