Review for Auditions, mah lovely readers!

Auditions, mah lovely readers!

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-04-10

Part: One of the two friends, or if your talking like 'going out with' I'll be Alicia's Girlfriend :3

Name: Anna McLeod (mc-loud)
Age: (14-18 unless you're auditioning for the teacher.) 15 
Gender: Female 

appearance is split for detail
Hair: Dark Brown, Wavy, almost to armpits. :P Usually kept down, and likes to put in different colored extensions. 
Eyes: Grey/Light Blue
Height/weight/etc.: 5'3, 110 lb., Pretty skinny, and not athletic. 
Tattoos and or piercings: Twice in each ear, but is afraid of needles. Likes to draw on herself, though. :3

Clothes: Oversized Tee-Shirts and hoodies, paired with random colored leggings, tights, or fishnets. Never takes off Black Plaid converse with red laces or many rubber bracelets. Sometimes she'll wear skinny jeans, but not often. 

Anything else involving appearance: Wears Dark eyemakeup, black eyeliner on top, and eyeliner on the bottom to match whatever leggings she is wearing. 

Hobbies: Writing, reading, (Is a Harry Potter Nerd), Listening to music, Drawing, Going Shopping, writing fanfiction, (ironic, Eh?)

Personality: Generally soft spoken and polite to adults and strangers, but when she's with friends, she's sort of rebellious and funny. Has somewhat of a guy's sense of humor, (Pervy :D), but is still quite feminine. Gets along with most people, and if she doesn't like someone, she just acts like they don't exist. Yeah- she's very comfortable in her own little group, but If she is in a big group, she's quiet and a little antisocial. She also loves physical affection. :3

Any other info: Nuu...