Review for I'll Leave You (Hanging)

I'll Leave You (Hanging)

(#) tortillachip 2012-04-12

This is amazing! You manage to capture so much emotion in this poem. It's extremely thought provoking and really brings up strong imagery. It's very well written and kind of reminds you that these things happen really do happen. You hear about it all the time, but this just makes it seem so much more real. This is so engaging and heartfelt and just beautiful. This is truly original and ingenious. Marvelous job!!!

Author's response

Thank you very much! I'm pleased you think that this is thought-provoking; as a writer that's the greatest thing I can hope to achieve! This stuff really does happen and it is very real, something that I think people find hard to believe/remember because it is an ugly truth in a world that we all want to be beautiful.
Thank you soooooo much for such a lovely review! :D