Review for Fer Sure!... Maybe?

Fer Sure!... Maybe?

(#) Shiwoggi 2012-04-13

YAAAAAAY! IT'S FINISHED! (Ahem. Excuse me whilst I attempt to stop grinning like a maniac. It's not working.)

This was brilliant! I completely loved the ending, and I'm pretty sure it's me who shoud be chanting "I'm Not Worthy" :D

And Probably-Going-To-Be-Mentally-Scarred Linda Iero made me laugh like you would not believe. I have a stitch

Awesome sauce on the writing. Keep going! :3

Author's response

Poor Linda. I'd feel sorry for her, but the 'corruption of a minor' thing makes me laugh too hard.

OH MAI GOD! Other people actually say awesome sauce! And here I was beginning to think I was the only one! :D

As for the chanting, how about a compromise? We shall both agree that we're awesome, and therefore both worthy, and then we'll walk away into the sunset like the badass writers I know we are. Sound good? ^^

- Ben