Review for The Mysterious Boy

The Mysterious Boy

(#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-04-15

Loved this chapter!

I thought it was very brave of Gerard to admit that he was wrong as that's not an easy thing to do at all. I feel extremely sorry for Mikey, he definitely doesn't deserve to have all of this going on in his life, and it's really worrying that Gerard said he's stopped eating/sleeping. He just needs to see how Frank really feels about it and hope that it turns out for the best.

Great chapter and I can't wait for more! :D :D :D

Author's response

Thank you sooo much! I'm so glad you liked it. I'm actually really pleased that you saw it as being brave of Gerard having to admit it because Gerard didn't exactly want Mikey to want Frank back but he knew he had to tell Frank about it all. Mikey definitley doesn't deserve to be in the middle of all this. He is really at breaking-point or if not past it. Frank needs to all to him. Thank you for such a nice review and your 3 really happy smiley faces. It made me smile just like them! I hope to have a chapter up tomorrow. Thanks for reading!