Review for Auditions!


(#) Cookie_monster 2012-04-18

Name : Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham
Age (preferably teenagers) : 15
Male/Female : Female
Appearance ( i dont want clothes because you will be wearing the black parade uniforms) : Cherry red hair, full-fringe, completely straight, shoulder-length. Blue eyes. Pale skin. Long nails painted black. Size 6 feet. Small for age.
Personality : Shy around new people but will open up more around friends. Gullible. Self-concious. Easily offended/upset. Not very good at standing up for herself. Hates seeing others upset. Loves making people smile/laugh. Daydreamer.
How you joined the black parade : Does this mean how I died? Her Dad always wanted a baby boy but had her instead and his wife died giving birth to her. She always felt guilty so committed suicide at 15.