Review for Auditions!


(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-04-18

Name : Sam Alexis Connor
Age (preferably teenagers) : 17
Male/Female :Female
Appearance ( i dont want clothes because you will be wearing the black parade uniforms) :
Hair- (worn the same way)
Eyes- Grey (like a silver)
5"5, smlim-ish (middle weight)
Personality : Cares for everyone but won't show it, is shy, until she opens up to you, which is slightly rare, but if you start talking to her, she will start a conversation, sad on the inside but doesn't show it (only those who she is close to know)
How you joined the black parade : Suicide..she was treated horribly everywhere she went (School, home) because she wasn't a "normal" teenager, she treated music like it was better than those around her. Her mom god pissed at her and toldher to go kill herself (along with messages from people who she belived to be her friends) she commited suicide (slit her wrists) and still has the scars
Are you close to anyone in Particular? (Gerard, Mikey, Mother War, Frank or Ray) : Mikey (she opened up to him? yes, no?)

Good luck, sounds interesting :)