Review for The Hoodie (highschool frerard) *oneshot*

The Hoodie (highschool frerard) *oneshot*

(#) aweirdtree 2012-04-20

ohgod, you know, i just fucking had to review again, okay? but that's just because everytime i read this fic all that's going on in my head is just AÖVNIBINÖHBÖLGKMSÖ-ÄBL,ÖVKMLKVBNKJNHVVCKLMOLGVKOBNHBKVBIOMCÖOIXZSJ,XCPOEWJRIKHNFIÖLECMLOÖÄROPCV JSOIMVSOTAUMTIDUCIRGF,JKVGJKFJÖVNÄX yeah XD i love it. from the very fucking bottom of my heart. there are seriously no words to describe the awesomeness of this story so THANK YOU!!!

Author's response

Ahaha, no, thank YOU! :D