Review for Together


(#) RockMusic 2012-04-21

Patricks point of view was darling. Because you were seeing it from a kind of unbiased opinion that knew both Pete and Gerard. I noticed a little Gertrick, so sweet. Gerard needs to realize that his brother can have more people in his life. Pete needs to respect Gerard, because his Mikey's brother. They both need to stop thinking that everything they think it's right. They both need to chill, think things through, and see from a different perspective other than their own. Amazing chapter... Truely and undeniably perfect. Patrick was such a mom towards the end. In fact he just reminds me of my moms personality mixed with my best friend, B.

Author's response

That was kinda the idea behind having Patrick's POV; he is pretty much a neutral character, as in he's not taking sides but simply doing what he thinks is right.
I'm glad you noticed the tiny ray of Gertrick! I think I'm gonna try and dot it around a little more in the oncoming chapters.
Gerard definitely does need to realize that Mikey's can have someone other than him, just as Pete needs to have a little respect for Gerard.
Yep; Patrick was certainly a bit of a mum in this! I kinda view him as the most matriarchal character.
Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :D