Review for Possible idea and auditions?

Possible idea and auditions?

(#) MCRkilljoy 2012-04-22

scary female boss 

Name: Keriya  (Ceer-e-ay) Sílé Ryte

Age: Whatever fits 


Hair: Black and Red. Very very long. Straight.

Eyes: Dark blue with black rings around the edges

Height: 5,4

Weight: 7 stone

Make up: Either very natural looking OR pale, with very black eye make up 

Peircings: Phobia of needles, so none 

Tattoos: (Got it when she was drunk) back of her neck, looks like a monster is ripping her skin and climbing through the bones

Clothes: Wears a lot of black leather. Also would wear skinny jeans and lots of studs 

True personality: She has always been very psychotic. She has a multiple personality disorder which causes her to change from being very nice ad gentle to a crazy bitch on a rampage! When she isn't the crazy bitch, she can be very flirtatious, intelligent, manipulative, seductive and what not. She can be kind when she wants too though

What she thinks is to gain by these human mutations and experiments: A  way for humans to be able to gain strength, intelligence and be able to re-grow missing organs eg kidneys, livers, teeth etc. Also, she believe if this is successful, she will mutate herself and become leader to all her mutations.

What she simply CANNOT do: Get injections. She can give them to others but for the live of God she will kill you if you attempt to give her one.

Favourite torture method: She loves de-nailing people. Really anything that causes physical pain. But she has a soft spot for Chinese Water Torture.

Well that's it, hope I get in but if not no hard feelings. I love these kinds of torture fan fics, so I will be reading the story regardless of the results.