Review for Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

(#) detonationmouse 2012-04-22

Real Name: Allie O'Connor

Killjoy Name: Cherry Candy

Usual Killjoy outfit or clothing: knee high emerald green converse, a neon green ballerina tutu over a black leotard with the words MAKE SOME NOISE written in silver sharpie, yellow leather fingerless gloves, a worn bright pink leather jacket. I also wear fake wolf ears.

Appearance ( I like links or really good descriptions for this!): Petite and slender, pale-skinned, almost translucent, my face is oval shaped, I have full heart shaped lips, big innocent looking navy eyes fringed by dark lashes and eyeliner, I have some freckles and snakebites, my hair reaches my chest, it's dark red with Taylor Swift-esque messy curls.

Gun/mask: My gun is bright yellow with the words LOOK ALIVE SUNSHINE written in purple swirly letters. My mask is silver with a bright pink paint splash on the right side.

Personality: shy, quirky, childish, bubbly, observant, loyal, I kind of act like a female Mikey, a bit rebellious, I like to pull crazy stunts, slightly sarcastic.

Background story (not necessary but helpful): My parents died in a house fire before Korse took over leaving me and my older brothers stuck in an orphanage. My eldest brother Liam was very rebellious so he was taken into foster care and we never saw him again. When our city was bombed my brother Cian and I escaped and joined a resistance killjoy group. One of the members was a double agent and informed Korse of our whereabouts. We got attacked and Cian was killed right before my eyes. I ran and never looked back.

Any bad habits?: I bite my lips till they bleed, when I'm really angry or scared I stutter.

Talents: I'm a pretty good at the bow and arrow, easily convincing because I look innocent.

Anything I forgot or you want to add: I'm bisexual, and also like a sister to Mikey

Hope I get to be in this! :3