Review for Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2012-04-22

Real name- Jasmine Price

Killjoy name- Colorful Shadow

Usual killjoy outfit or clothing- a pink floral tank top, black booty shorts that have white paint splatters on them with pink fishnets underneath, that are torn up. A blue belt with a lot of paint splatters on it. Red boots that have black paint splatters on them. She has a hot pink leather jacket with green paint splatters on it but she barely wears it. Yellow sunglasses. Black and white striped wrist warmers. She has a black head band with a pink sparkly bow on it. She always wears a silver heart shaped necklace, and she has a badge with her symbol on it (a hand with a colorful shadow)

-Hair: its dark brown with multi colored streaks in it. She always has it curly. She has a side fringe that goes to the right and its always straight.

-Eyes: dark dark brown

-Skin tone: pale and her skin tans easily

-Height: 5'4

-Weight: 105 lbs.

-Body: she is really skinny, and she is curvy but not to curvy.

-Scars: a huge scar goes up her back, she has a tiny scar on her neck and she has scars on her arms

-Tattoos/piercings: no tattoos but she has her ears pierced once and she always has in her black angel wing earrings.

-Nails: they are painted multi colored

-Makeup: some blush and gray eyeshadow

Gun/mask: her gun is purple with blue paint splatters on it and it shoots out green. And her mask is pink with green paint splatters on it. Also she has a knife.

Personality- easy to piss off, nice to the ones she love, funny, random, really great at writing, singing, acting, and playing piano. Dorky sometimes. Fights really well. She is really sneaky too.

Backstory- same old stuff. Abusive father yada yada. Her mom was sick. One time her father cut up her back which is how she got that scar. When he was going to stab her, she kicked him in the face making him pass out. She took his knife and kept it. She then ran away, and that was when she was just fifteen. Now she is nineteen and is an awesome killjoy.

Any bad habits- biting her lip, biting her nails, and the worst is that when someone pisses her off she puts her knife to their throat and threaten them

Talents- drawaing, playing piano, acting, singing, writing, and fighting

Other- she has a red motorcycle

Hope you like my audition