Review for Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

(#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-04-23

Real Name: Dani Harryson

Killjoy Name: BlackOut

Usual Killjoy outfit or clothing:

Appearance ( I like links or really good descriptions for this!): Stands at 5'8''. Not too tall, not too short. Jet black, sleek straight hair that falls half way down her back. Ivory pale skin. Big, emerald green eyes. Long eye lashes. Full lips. A beauty mark just like Marilyn Monroe's. Her body is the average skinny but slightly curvy. Has a lip ring on the left side of her bottom lip. A septum and ear strechers. A spiderweb tattoo on the right side of her neck.

Gun/mask: Green gun with the word "Rawwwrr" on the side in big, bold, purple letters. Mask:

Personality: Very headstrong. Vicious and adventurous. Loves the thrill more than anything in the world. She lives in the moment and tries not to look back in the past. She tries to not let it afect her at all. She doesn't believe in love.

Background story (not necessary but helpful): Before she turned into a killjoy, she was forced to watch her prents get killed by Korse. She almost got killed herself as well, but she managed to escape the BL/ind headquarters. After escaping she lived out in the desert on her own. She had a brother. But he joined BL/ind and hasn't seen him or known anything about him in years. She doesn't even know if he's still alive.

Any bad habits?: Drinking problems and smoking.

Talents: Singing, painting. She's good at giving speeches. Really good with words.

Anything I forgot or you want to add: She's an atheist and bisexual.