Review for We Are Falling

We Are Falling

(#) GAClive 2012-04-24

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Ok, now that that little freak out has been suitably expressed....

ooooooh my goodness. I had butterflies in my stomach while reading this and Brendon is so realistic because I can actually imagine him saying stuff like that. He's always talking in interviews how he has a problem opening his mouth before thinking about what he's going to say. I love this story and the chapter did not disappoint!

Author's response

Yay! I did something good. :D I can tell from the random assortment of letters!

O.o I love reviews like this, telling me about the actual band members. Weirdly, I can't stand watching interviews. I'm a sucker for music videos but mainly I just listen to the music. When I watch interviews... I feel it's too real and then I'm less creative with their 'characters' as I write them. So, I'm very glad to see I got something right. :D
Also really glad it didn't disappoint. I enjoyed writing it!