Review for Auditions, and read on my readers

Auditions, and read on my readers

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-04-27

Name: Hollie Nicole Bareham
Nickname(s): Hozzie, Hoz, HozDog, Hollieflower (Never call her Hol or Hols!)
What you look like (split for detail)
Hair:shoulder-length, full-fringe with purple underneath the brown and purple down the sides - hard to explain D;
Eyes: Blue
Clothes (use whatever website): I'm on my blackberry, can't use a website so jeans of any colour, David and Goliath tee-shirts, odd socks, red sequin converse, guitar pick necklace with my name on.
Height/weight/figure (slim, chubbier, etc.): hour-glass figure, little chubby, small for age.
Favorite bands: MCR, We Are The In Crowd, All Time Low, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides.
Peircing/tattoos (any age above 14 with a parents consent for us around here, so go hard): Nose piercing, both ears pierced and no tattoos.
Talents: Singing, playing piano, writing.
Are you confident in your talent(s): Playing piano yes, singing and writing no.
Do you want to show the guys?: no, way too shy!
Hobbies: Reading, writing, hanging out with friends, watching tv, shopping, playing piano, singing, laughing.
Likes: Pie, piano, books, making people smile, Orphan, The Hunger Games, Isabelle Fuhrman, music, chocolate milk.
Dislikes: Pizza, melted cheese, scary movies ('cept Orphan :L), discrimination, bullying, people crying.
(for the lucky fan who has been chosen): What did you do to get picked (Draw something, post a cover and send it to them,..etc. creative): Posted a piano cover of Bulletproof Heart.
What did MCR do for you(doesn't have to be 'saved my life' maybe you like their music or something): Their music made me ten times more than I used to be before. They literally MADE my life :)

Love Hozzie
P.S. Sorry if lack of detail - auditioning on my blackberry D;